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We do not tolerate prostitution!
Commercial ladies have no access to us.
We are a private swingers club.
If we suspect that a lady accompanies the gentleman for "professional" reasons, we immediately declare a house ban.
In addition, women are prohibited from constantly bringing different men.
As a couple, only counts, who also acts as a couple. This not only includes the common coming and going.

If we notice that this rule is violated, we will immediately issue a house ban.

The most important rule



"SC bad girl" - the hottest party in Stuttgart is not a brothel, but a Swingerclub according to the motto, everything can, nothing must!
We therefore invite all single ladies, active couples and solo gentlemen who want to live out their sexuality at our themed parties such as at a gangbang party or group sex orgy.

Everyone is welcome! Registration is not necessarily mandatory, but would be beneficial for planning. Of course you are welcome to drop by of course spontaneously!

Just visit us spontaneously during the party time

Of course you can visit us on the party days, of course, spontaneously (without previous registration).
The opening hours are in the event area.

This should be noted, you should:

  • No bad breath or other unpleasant odors!
  • Overall, clean, clean and good smelling.
  • You should be considerate and a team player.

People with a long journey are recommended to register without obligation.

Health & Hygiene:

Condoms are everywhere with us!
There is a shower / bath in the location and every room is equipped with a sink - please use these facilities ..

We expect absolute cleanliness from you. Sweaty odor, stinky feet, etc ... absolutely turns off.
If one of the above points is not met, we reserve the right to exclude the person on the spot!

Health & Hygiene:

Condoms are everywhere with us!
The location has a shower / bath and each room is equipped with a sink - please use these facilities.

We expect absolute cleanliness from you. Sweaty odor, stinky feet, etc ... absolutely turns off.
If one of the above points is not met, we reserve the right to exclude the person on the spot!

Any other questions?

Here are our FAQs

When do the parties always start and what is the process?

The times are always with the respective event with it.
As a rule there are no long waiting times, as we are mainly visited by active women / couples.
The stay is possible over the entire period.

How many participants do you have to expect in the club?

Since a binding registration is not obligatory with us, a prediction is not possible, but we guarantee NO hiring or waiting forever. We are more comfortable and relaxed. Our participants are always in a good mood!

What is the average age?

The average age varies from party to party, from 18 years upwards! Everyone is welcome - your motto should be: you are as old as you feel.

How many active ladies or couples are present?

In general, all information about the ladies / couples present is always on the flyer. As many of our tribal couples / ladies visit us their registrations are usually almost 100% reliable. Of course, it may happen that a couple or a lady canceled at short notice. All active ladies and couples that appear with us are 100% private and not commercial! That's what distinguishes our club from other clubs!

Are my valuables safe with you?

Yes, valuables can be kept with us.

How do you have to appear and what do I have to bring?

Casual wear is sufficient - beautiful lingerie or shorts are welcome, but NOT a duty. Except good mood you do not need to bring anything.

Do I have to register to participate in the theme parties?

No, a registration is not obligatory! It only helps us to estimate how many gentlemen are expected to attend. So you can also appear spontaneously!
However, we recommend for people who come from further to sign up, so we can notify you in case of a short-term party failure!

Is photographed or filmed at the themed parties

We are NEVER photographed and NEVER filmed! That's why we also have an 100% smartphone ban!

Which parties take place at your place?

As the name suggests, we are a swinger club in Stuttgart and try to offer you many different themed parties, such as Afterwork Sex orgy, Fickstuten market for GangBang - ambitious swingers and other similar mottos.

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